Quarterly Newsletter = October/November 2011 =

Dear All

As we are closing the calendar year with semester exams only one week away, we want to send our appreciation to the STA school community for the fundraising opportunities towards the First Japan Super Science Fair, student lockers and the Model UN club. On behalf of the school administration, faculty and staff, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2012.

Monthly Recap

Two major workshops took place to benefit the school community: (1) “Teen Violence Prevention” (by two staff members from Inafa Maolek) and (2) “Cyber Bullying and Social Media” by US Attorney Alicia Limtiaco. A group of students and one administrator participated earlier in the “BASTA” conference at the Hyatt Regency, Guam on bullying prevention in the school environment.

Two parent-teacher conferences took place during the first and second quarters to communicate better with parents on student outcomes.

The annual visit of the Archbishop to STA took place during September, 2011. The Most Reverend Anthony Sablan Apuron, O.F.M., Cap., D.D., Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana presided over the Eucharistic Celebration and visited classrooms.

The end of the first quarter Honor Roll Award Ceremony was held on November 4, 2011. The achievement percentage for each class is as follows: freshmen: 58%; sophomores: 65%; juniors: 50% and seniors: 50%.

I had the privilege to participate in the annual “Educators’ Summit 2011” on October 21, organized by the School of Education of the University of Guam. This conference helped me establish a network of human resources to help STA craft a professional development plan. As a follow-up, I later met with Dr. Gamboa (International Programs and Professional Development) and Dr. Nabobo-Baba (College of Education) to lead a collaborative effort in designing and implementing a professional development plan for STA faculty.

Three faculty members from STA, Mrs. Marcelle Diambra-Odi, Mr. Tim Smit and Dr. Tim Guile, attended the UOG Annual Language Arts Conference on November 5, 2011.

Different focus groups met consistently from September to November to review WASC accreditation requirements and provided the WASC coordinator with input from students, parents, faculty and staff. STA will host a WASC/WCEA accreditation team March 25-28, 2012.

STA rummage sale and carwash fundraiser was successful because of students, parents and staff participation. We take this opportunity to thank all donors and benefactors, our parent coordinators and Shimbros.

The planning of the third annual STA golf tournament of March 24, 2012 has started with the establishment of a planning committee chaired by Mr. Joe Shimizu.

Student Life

The first edition of The Lion’s Pride, STA monthly newspaper, is available on the school website. Congratulations to the Journalism Club and their advisor, Dr. Tim Guile.

The STA Model UN Club hosted a seminar on October 28, 2011 in commemoration of the anniversary of the creation of the United Nations. The Consul General of Japan (Hon. Yoshiyuki Kimura), the Consul of the Philippines (Hon. Edgar Tomas Auxilian) and the Director of Consular Affairs, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Hon. Bruce Hung), addressed the student body on the roles of their offices on Guam. Congratulations to the Model UN Club and their advisors (US Attorney Alicia Limtiaco and Dr. Tim Guile) for a rich and informational seminar.

Three STA students, Daniel Creppel, Anthony Shen and Joseph Tamayo attended the First Japan Super Science Fair in November, 2011, under the supervision of Mrs. Ichie Shepherd (representing the administration) and Dr. Justin Ventham (representing the science department). Daniel Creppel presented the results of his research (Development of Eco-Safe Insect Control Methods for Weevil Pests on Guam) under the guidance of Dr. Gadi Reddy from the University of Guam. Creppel also won first place in the robotics competition with Shen coming in second.

The “Third Asia Pacific Mock Trial Invitational Competition” was held on Guam in November, 2011 and included teams from Korea, CNMI and Guam. STA ranked second out of ten teams, and Whitney Quinley and Mike Yoon won “Outstanding Attorney” and “Outstanding Witness,” respectively. Congratulations to coach Atty. Leslie Travis, adviser Dr. Tim Guile and all STA Mock Trial Team members. We are also grateful to the Law Offices of Civille & Tang for providing support and logistics.

This year STA welcomed a volunteer Athletic Director who is building our sports program and helping to increase our participation in the IIAAG. First quarter sports included girls’ volleyball, cross country and golf. Second quarter sports included girls’ basketball and wrestling by affiliation. Congratulations to all coaches and athletes for their determination and fair play. We enjoy cheering loudly for the STA Lions at each game, and we are proud to display two third-place trophies from the girls’ and boys’ golf teams.

Summary of Upcoming Events

December 14-21, 2011: Semester exams

December 15, 2011: Gift distribution to students from Ordot Elementary School

December 16, 2011: International student exchange from Tokyo Gakkan Niigata High School and Principal Watanabe

December 16, 2011: Christmas caroling by Concentus at the Micronesian Mall and Outrigger Resort Hotel

December 21, 2011: Christmas Eucharistic Celebration at San Juan Bautista Church

December 21, 2011: STA Christmas program, Guam Marriott Hotel

December 22, 2011: School-wide bowling at Leo Palace Resort

December 23, 2011 to January 12, 2012: Christmas break

January 13, 2012: Faculty professional development in collaboration with UOG

January 17, 2012: Third quarter begins

January 26, 2012: STA science fair

January 27, 2012: Catholic school week

Thank you,


Hauhouot Diambra-Odi, Ph.D.

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